My Mission

What makes me different and special is this:

My business is born from a desire to help others. As a school teacher and leader since 2010, I dedicated my energy, time and enthusiasm to being the best teacher I could be.

Unfortunately the stressful demands and expectations of the job (excluding the actual teaching of the children which I absolutely loved and still do today), had a negative impact on my health and wellbeing over time.

I had no time to see my family, who felt forgotten and neglected, and my husband was left with only what was left of me, after a long, chaotic day of paperwork, policies, parental emails and lists that were just forever getting bigger. There really wasn’t very much of ‘me’ left for him, the family, or anyone – including ME!

This was not how I wanted my life to continue.

I found pole fitness and it became my release! It was 2 hours a week that made me feel energised, strong, powerful and confident. I started to get a bit of ME back, and became assistant instructor at Candy & Chrome, which gave me the opportunity to do what I did best – teach!

I was able to inspire, explain, demonstrate and support…. everything I love to do but without any of the negatives that my current profession was throwing at me.

Pole fitness helped me, and I knew that I could use my skills and experience as a teacher to feel exactly the way I now feel. I could show others that if there was an aspect of their lives that was having a negative impact on their health, wellbeing and happiness, then there is a way to escape this for 1 or 2 hours a weekly, or forever!

Yes forever! I left teaching and built Muscles & Curves Pole Fitness and Muscles & Curves Nutrition.

Now I am:

  • Healthy
  • Hydrated
  • Energised
  • Getting the best sleep ever
  • Spending time with my husband, who gets the best version of me, rather than just the dregs!
  • I am my own boss, and free to live, love, laugh, play and pole!
  • I m strong
  • I have muscle definition
  • I have amazing skin
  • A positive mindset
  • And I am setting goals that are changing my life!

I am the best version of me!

I am now helping other ladies discover this and if this sounds like something you want to experience, whether it’s for an hour a week, two hours, or forever – then message me TODAY!