Katy Taylor

Nutrition Advisor

Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity Awarded

In July 2018 I was at the beginning an amazing journey. 

At around 68kg (10st 10lbs) with a poor diet and no energy to even think about exercise, it was time to make a change to my life. 

I had met my husband, who was a massive inspiration to me. At the age of 51, he was in great shape, T-total, in great health and with bags of energy. I wanted to be proud of being the lady on this man’s arm and I knew that I could become something very special if I just worked hard enough and started to look after myself. 

Part of this journey involved me starting Pole Fitness, which had radically started to change and sculpt my body. I became stronger, fitter and build muscle definition but there were still areas I knew I could work on. 

After completing my Fitness Instructing Qualification and my Level 3 Nutrition in Physical Activity Award, I learnt that our physical health and appearance was only 20% exercise and 80% nutrition!

Herbalife was introduced to me during a business network meeting. By chance, I was then put in touch with the amazing Carol Sinfield, a lady high up in the Herbalife Company. When I met her, she oozed confidence, radiance, energy and passion. She looked amazing and her skin was flawless (we notice everything us girls) and I wanted what she was on!

Only a few months down the line and I started to see fantastic results! 

I was working a full time teaching job, running a household, running my business, training in the gym and at pole class, teaching my pole clients and business networking. My energy is through the roof, I haven’t had a day off sick since and my body is in fantastic shape!

I now weigh 58kg (9st 13lbs) and 41kg of that is Muscle Mass! And I am still making improvements and working hard to be stronger, fitter and stronger to achieve killer moves on the pole!

I have a shake for breakfast, a protein bar for snack, a healthy clean lunch or shake, a protein based snack in the afternoon and then a clean healthy dinner with my family.

Best of all, my husband is also on the same plan and he is looking hot! 

For a 52 year old guy, doesn’t he look unreal! Since starting his Herbalife journey with me, he has lost 7cm off his waist, gained muscle mass and weight, lost fat percentage and is able to keep up with me (22 year his younger!). You need to join us on the journey guys!

Me and Chris are living life to the full and we are loving every second!