Pole Fitness Classes Northwich

Pole Fitness Classes Northwich

Group Pole Fitness Classes | Northwich

Group classes are a dynamic and fun way to participate in pole fitness.

Due to the extra numbers of like minded students, the atmosphere can be quite highly energised.

So this is perfect for those of you that need the extra motivation and support.

Although different, the atmosphere of group classes can be incredibly uplifting and beneficial.

Pole Fitness Classes Northwich

Pole Fitness Classes | Northwich

4 Week courses | 1 Hour per week | Same day/time/venue each week

£40 Pay In Advance

Do you want to:

  • Tone up
  • Attend weekly
  • Socialise with like minded ladies
  • Train with others at the same level
  • Regular, affordable classes
  • Learn in a fun, supportive atmosphere
  • Progress at a steady pace

Our group classes are a great option for you!

We offer a range of different ability levels, from beginner through to advanced, so there’s something for everyone.

Ready to join?

Simply follow the three step process below to get started!

Step 1

Introduce yourself

Simply get in touch to meet your instructor, ask her about availability, and a suitable group class for you.

Generally, group pole fitness classes run in the week, on the same day and time each week for one hour.

Whether you are a beginner, or beyond, and looking to progress, Muscles & Curves offers various levels of ability to suit your needs.

Step 2

Pay for your class

Visit the pay online page to pay for your class.

Or alternatively, use this button to pay via bank transfer.

Step 3

Fill In The Form

Fill in our health form using the button below before your first class, and the you’re ready!

Please see my T’s&C’s | FAQ | Covid-19 Policy pages for more information.

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