Sweaty hands and Awesome Pole Moves Doesn’t Mix!

Tac2 Extra Strength Pole Fitness grip

I have tried various liquid chalks and bottled gels designed to dry the hands and grip the pole but I have to say that this one is my favourite!

Other brands have dried my hands out and left a white chalky mess all over my pole wear and other parts of my body that I never even applied the stuff on to!

Tac2 is hydrating and sticky! It keeps my hands soft but it allows me to perform advanced tricks and poses because I can grip on to the pole effectively!

Now, we all have different skin types and preferences, and I am not saying that the other brands out there are no good, but all of my clients love this stuff and I know some instructors also use it for their training and their clients!

The waxy consistency means you only need a smudge of product on each hand and it will last for a good few moves before having to reapply. It is great for smearing all over the pole too and wipes off with pole cleaner or good old GIN! Yes… I mean the Gin you drink! Excellent solution for cleaning muck and grime off your pole!

This little pot of stickiness will last you months and months. Some of the other brands clog up in the nozzle of the tube, meaning that you end up throwing some product away or it ends up exploding all over the floor because you have squeezed the crap out of it!

Get yours from Amazon! Only £14.45 and it will last you ages!


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