FSB – Federation of small businesses

As a member of the FSB you can be sure that I have taken my business seriously. As a member of the FSB I have signed into a community of small businesses who all have one thing in mind… doing business well and doing business right.

Darren Gallimore – Membership advisor for the FSB came to visit me at my home studio in Northwich.This is what he thought…


Katy moved to Northwich from Nottingham, after going through some tough times, she decided it was time to look after ‘herself’ for a change. You know… the old cliche – re-discover yourself, do what makes you happy, self indulgent malarkey?

Well… she did just that! Since discovering pole Katy is now a stronger, powerful, more confident person ! She have not only dropped a dress size, gained insane muscle definition and amazing curves, she also got her sparkle back. She feels empowered and has the confidence and ability to achieve and smash any goal she sets herself, whether that’s a new trick on the pole or more pull ups in the gym.

She wants to help other women share this same experience… that’s why she created Muscles and Curves!

Now as a four star Pole Dance Community approved instructor, she creates a personalised pole training programme that suits your ability and goals. She will teach you new tricks on the pole and create exercises to help build strength and technique to perfect those tricks and moves. It will be hard work but it will be fun! Visit website for prices and more information! www.musclesandcurves.co.uk

Darren Gallimore – FSB Membership Advisor

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