Health benefits of pole fitness
The health benefits of pole fitness are incredible!

The health benefits of pole fitness or pole dance is surprising! We will have a closer look at these benefits and how they improve your health and add additional benefits to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Health benefits of pole fitness: Strength

Pole fitness is a full body workout which will help you to lose weight, gain strength (which has many other health benefits) and the ability to pull gravity defying moves. When we are performing moves on the pole, we are using both small and large muscles groups. After your first few sessions, you will discover muscles in places you never thought you had muscles in! We will mainly work the upper body, core and thigh area… including glutes for those of you who want a gorgeous, round bum! 

Increase Flexibility has health benefits – choose pole fitness

Toning muscles

Pole relies on lifting, moving and holding your own body weight. Whether it’s climbing the pole, hanging from it, inverting upside down or spinning around it, we will be working those muscles hard and effectively. You will notice a difference in your strength pretty soon after your first couple of sessions. 

Increasing flexibility

Pole increases flexibility. Flexibility reduces your risk of muscle injury and minimises muscle injuries and soreness. Although, you will probably pick up a few bruises and pole burns… it’s completely normal and they will become less frequent and less painful!

Our Pole Studio in Northwich, Cheshire.

And why train with me in my home studio? Gyms can be testosterone fuelled, noisy, busy and intimidating places. We can train 1:1 in my home studio which is spacious, light, private and warm. We can open out the bi-folding doors in the summer and take the free standing, stage x-pole outside to train! Or we can dim the lights, turn up the music and train in the underfloor-heated studio during the colder months ( )

Keeping fit in a fun way!

You want to play your favourite playlist whilst training? We can do that! You want to sing along and have fun whilst training? We can do that too! Hey, I’ll even put the kettle on and we can have a cuppa after our session. Let’s make your training session yours!

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