Want to try one of our online pole classes? Well you are always welcome to book on and experience an online pole lessons!

Missing pole?

Feeling sluggish, frumpy and miserable about your body?

Clueless as to what to do on the pole you have at home?

Perhaps you don’t have a pole and you are panicking that all your hard work in pole class is slipping away from you?

Due to popular demand, I am offering 5 FREE places for our online classes each week.

Seriously! Come and try one of our online classes and start feeling…

Energised, uplifted and excited about your body again!

Inspired and motivated to learn new moves at home!

Proud and in control of your body again!

Feel inspired and motivated to learn new moves at home and have FUN!

Just complete the form and I shall send you details of the classes you can come and try.

Muscles and Curves specialises in Female Fitness. We work closely with our clients to provide an effective combination of pole classes, fitness classes and free nutritional coaching.

What do other ladies think to our online classes?

Have any questions? Just get in touch!

Instagram and Facebook @ktpolept or email kt@musclesandcurves.co.uk


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