Are you a beginner or intermediate poler?

Panicking that your fitness level is decreasing while on lockdown?

Clueless as to what exercises are good for pole?

Overwhelmed with all the online fitness and exercise resources available at the moment?

Want to get fitter, stronger and more mobile for pole while you are stuck at home?

I have some great news for you! And you don’t even need a pole!

3 days worth of pole fitness resources… FOR FREE!

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What’s included ?

* 3 days of pole fitness resources sent to you each day.

*Warm up and Pole Stamina Excersises

* Workout Videos

*Nutritional Advice for Pole

*Shoulder Mobility assessments and fitness tests.

* Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate Polers

Complete the form above to receive your FREE 3 Day – Get Fitter, Stronger and More Mobile For Pole Resources.

Join now and make the decision to GROW through lockdown… not just GO through lockdown.


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