Hi, I’m Katy (KT)

And I’ll be your Pole & Fitness PT

I am a pole nerd, fitness nut and self confessed ‘Curvert’, and what that means is…

  • I LOVE pole
  • I LOVE fitness
  • I LOVE good health
  • I LOVE my body – wobbly bits n all
  • I LOVE teaching, and sharing the love of all things ‘WOMAN’
  • I LOVE empowering other women and helping them love their curves too

But life wasn’t always this way, and after trying pole dance fitness for the first time a few years back, it motivated me to make the most incredible changes, not just to my body, but to my whole life! Changes I didn’t even imagine, or think possible.

So here’s MY story…

After moving here to Northwich from Nottingham, and going through some tough times, I decided it was time to look after ‘me’ for a change. I know… the old cliche – re-discover yourself, do what makes you happy, self indulgent malarkey? Well… I did just that!

Since discovering pole I am now a stronger, powerful, more confident me! I have not only dropped a dress size, gained insane muscle definition and amazing curves, I have got my sparkle back. I feel empowered and I have the confidence and ability to achieve and smash any goal I set myself, whether that’s a new trick on the pole or more pull ups in the gym.

Pole became ‘My Thing’!

Pole became ‘my thing’! a genuine passion of mine!

If I wasn’t working, I would be training on my pole, teaching pole or training for pole in the gym!

I had been learning pole fitness for a few years at this point, and I was lucky enough to have gained a rare position as an assistant instructor at my local pole school in Chester – CH1 2BD.

This gave me the knowledge, insight and motivation I needed to take my journey a little more seriously, and the confidence to pursue a full career change!

KT is an absolute machine. She is super fun and makes everyone in the room ‘glow’ when she instructs with me – but she’s also highly driven, studies hard, works hard and plays hard. She is EVERYTHING a good pole fit instructor should aspire to be.

* Amy – Principal instructor at candy & chrome *

Following a career change, I wanted to utilise my experience and skills to help other women experience and feel exactly what I feel and turn my passion into my ‘job’.

I went on to study for various fitness related and pole related qualifications, and achieved everything I wanted with success!

Muscles & Curves was born!

Now as Level 4 Pole Dance Community registered instructor, I will create a personalised pole training programme that suits your ability and goals. I will teach you new tricks on the pole and create exercises to help build strength and technique to perfect those tricks and moves.

We will work hard but it will be fun!