My Mission

At Muscles & Curves, our core values are:

Balance is key

We listen and we explain. We challenge and support. We teach and we learn. We develop physically and mentally. We encourage and we are patient. We invest in you and you trust in us. We empower on the inside and it shows on the outside.

It's all about YOU!

We promise to value and respect you; as an individual, as a learner. We are teaching you a new skill that will empower and unlock your potential so that you can be the very best version of yourself. Muscles & Curves provides a range of supportive services that compliment your pole fitness lessons and helps you achieve your health & wellbeing goals, with you at the very center of everything we do.

Achieve, Succeed & Progress

You will achieve success and progress. With over 10 years of teaching experience and being an expert in the skill of learning, you will be assessed as an individual, your goals will be set and a plan of action will be implemented so that you make progress, succeed and achieve your goals.

Muscles & Curves | Katy Taylor | Pole Fitness PT Northwich

Pole Fitness PT Northwich

Muscles & Curves offers Northwich ladies a personalised, fun alternative to the gym!

Pole fitness will not only tone, sculpt and strengthen your body, but it will also empower you!

Surprisingly, you will challenge your body to execute aerial poses that you never thought possible, this gives you an instant buzz.

Pole Fitness PT Northwich

And that’s what makes it so empowering!

Don’t assume that you are too unfit or otherwise incapable of achieving this!

The sessions are designed around your current level of ability, with a gradual increase that you’ll barely notice because pole fitness is fun!

Generally, when you learn pole fitness, you will notice a change in your body shape fairly early on.

Challenging yourself in this way allows you to gain full control of your body, engaging all the muscles groups and even isolating specific muscles.

You CAN have it all! You CAN have muscles AND curves!

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Muscles and Curves is founded by Katy Taylor (KTPolePT), pole dance instructor at The Pole Studio in Northwich.

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What clients say



I have never attended a pole dancing class and wanted to gain fitness and make more friends... now I'm hooked!!

KT is an amazing instructor and makes the steps so easy to learn. She is inspirational and I look forward to each class. KT is kind, caring, approachable and puts you at ease with her smile.
Although I've not quite got the hang of it (I've had 2 lessons) I never feel stupid, Kate is patient with me.
Who would have thought that getting fit, could be so much fun. I would highly recommend.

Thank you KT



I went along to a pole taster day with zero confidence in myself and hadn't done any form of exercise since school PE lessons.

I wanted to try something new and exciting! Pole fitness has finally given me something to focus my energy on, and I'm now able to perform complex intermediate moves after much encouragement and guidance from Katy!

I started with the 8 week beginners course to build confidence, and now I take PT's at Katy's home studio so I can develop even further.

KT is a great trainer, and now a great friend too.



Having attended a taster session.... I can officially say I'm hooked!

After a period of inactivity, I can feel my strength rapidly coming back and this gives me the motivation to go to the gym.
For me weight loss isn't the main goal, strength and overall fitness is, but if I lose a few pounds along the way then that's a bonus!
I can't recommend Katy enough, she is lovely, knowledgeable and very easy to chat to.
The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, the sessions don't feel like typical uncomfortable exercise, and I would seriously say to anyone just to give it a go!



Katy is a dedicated and motivational PT, yet down to earth and friendly.
She helps you feel strong, empowered and in tune with your body.
I love the tuition, the environment and the play list!
A great way to get fit, flexible and strong, while having fun and learning new skills.
I can highly recommend.

Thanks Katy!



Had my first beginners class tonight and I loved it!

I was nervous before I got there but there was no need, I was put completely at ease and really enjoyed it!

Can't wait for next weeks class and to see what I can achieve week on week.

Thanks so much!

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My home PT studio is based in Kingsmead, Northwich, Cheshire.

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